ePITsolutions Europe assists you in your projects

  • Company certification in accordance to regulation or industry standard
  • Performance improvement
  • Understanding Aerospace regulations
  • Building Online trainings

with a specific method to assist start up, small and medium organisations

Online Trainings
You want to enrol your staff in digital trainings but you wonder which solution to choose among the various offers. We assist you in designing your strategy, choosing your tools and choosing trainings

Company certifications
You want to obtain or you must get a certification to meet a regulatory or a customer requirement. We assist you in analysing your company conformity to the standard, in proposing actions to be implemented and in accompanying you up to the granting of the certificate of approval.

Continuous improvement
You want to promote changes in your company in order to improve its performance. We assist you in identifying the main sources of improvement, in defining the actions plans with you and in accompanying all involved staff so that changes are smoothly implemented.

Aerospace regulation
You must obatin a new aviation approval or you need to update your existing one to new regulations. We assist you all along the process up to the civil aviation authority satisfaction (offer limited to design, manufacturing and maintenance organisations)

ePITsolutions Europe was founded by Catherine Giudicelli, graduate engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris and Master in European Law, Policy and Management from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen (UK). With more than 30 years professional background in industry, services and Civil Aviation Authority, she offers to share her expertise to accompany your company in its projects.

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