ELearning: a training process that goes beyond the simple acquisition of knowledge.

The recent intensification of the use of new ways of working, such as remote working and online training or eLearning, requires a change in processes to ensure that goals are met with at least the same level of performance.

When it comes to online training, the company’s initial objectives/goals are completed to take into account that the training is digital. These objectives may initially be financial since online training avoids travel and accommodation costs. But not only.

With online training it’s possible to train on many more subjects (particularly thanks to the time saved since the training comes to the trainee and not the other way around) in a shortened period of time (it is possible to chain up the topics one after the other without waiting for the training organization to schedule the next session).

eLearning, like other training, allows individuals, employees or not, to expand their professional background, by acquiring knowledge and developing the ability to implement it.

ePITsolutions e-Learning modules systematically cover both aspects of the training. A teaching part explains the topic and how it fits into the processes of a production company. And a practical part allows the trainee to practice the knowledge he just acquired.

People are at the heart of the company’s success. Skills must be maintained and developed in order to keep on guarantying the missions as well as to lead and take part in the changes. People must be able to train at any time, as an employee to progress and anticipate, or in unemployment to increase its ability to find a position or to stay connected to the professional world.

If your company commits  to provide online trainings to your staff or is willing to expand its offer in eLearning, it is recommended to take the time to decide/rule on the following key points:

  • define your expectations in terms of digital training: either in terms of content, access methods, expected results, etc. A survey conducted with the future users is generally necessary, they may master digital tools  more profitiently than anticipated, and their appetite for this type of training might be higher than expected,
  • choose the tools (hosting platform and type of training) according to your goals,
  • choose the training courses that will be part of your catalogue.

ePITsolutions supports you

The ePITsolutions online trainings are built to convey the expected knowledge, taking into account that the training is carried out online

  • The standards and regulations, subjects of our training, are analysed and understood, using documents published by recognized organizations such as IAQG, EASA,… in addition to our professional experience, to convert them into detailed descriptions ,
  • Detailed descriptions are presented using animations representing the topics described and explain them orally. Pictures and words help to give meaning and to memorize concepts.
  • The ePITsolutions training limits the use of text to what is strictly necessary; we  have the picture of a device with the picture of a red non-compliance label on the screen instead of a text specifying that the non-conforming equipment must be accompanied by a label ….
  • The exercises incorporated throughout the training allow self-assessment as the training progresses and maintain the trainee’s attention.
  • The quizzes as the final step enable to formalise the acquired knowledge ; the results of this assessment are recorded and displayed on the final certificate.
  • When appropriate, we have also built the quizzes to practice the subject taught: carrying out a root cause analysis from identified problems, filling in EASA form one or FAI report …
The ePITsolutions modules are operational tools for daily work.

They are made available for the period purchased with an unlimited number of accesses for the 1-day, 4-day and 14-day options. This enables to play the training, to practice in the company and to return, if necessary, to the training to obtain details or to confirm the options taken.

Free access versions of training allow you to test them to understand our concepts first hand.

ePITsolutions trainings are available :
  • on our LMS platform for sale, according to the procedures described therein
  • upon license agreement if you wish to make our software available to your staff on your platform. Our training modules are developed with a software that allows them to be published in SCORM format.
The ePITsolutions catalog now includes training courses on:
  • quality tools:
    • Root cause analysis
    • First article review
    • Risk management
    • APQP
    • Configuration management
    • Analysis of the measurement system
  • regulatory tools
    • The basics of airworthiness
    • The EASA Part 145 regulation
    • Human Factors in accordance with EASA Part 145
    • EASA Form one broadcast in production – EASA Part21G and Part21F
    • EASA Form one issue under maintenance – EASA Part 145

ePITsolutions can also develop your training courses based on your specifications / materials to make them accessible online on your platform or on ours with access limited to your staff. For instance, if you want to make sure your staff is aware of a number of company standards, without having to organize classroom training sessions, we will develop the training module for you, control the correct understanding of the standard online, and report the results to you.

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